How Is Google Page Rank Related to Search Engine Optimization?

You will come across many terms such "Page Rank" while learning about search engine optimization strategies. Page Rank (PR) is a metric, reputedly used by the Google search engine, to determine the relevance of a site. Larry Page is one of the co-founders of Google and Page Rank was named after him. Take note that other famous search engines (Yahoo and Bing) do not use Page Rank.

A website's Page Rank measure cannot be known since Google does not give out any official information about it. However many search engine optimization experts believe that Page Rank gauges the volume and quality of inbound links to a website. For example, if a page has no links it definitely will have no page rank or zero. However if it has thousand of websites linked to it, you might have a page rank that ranges from 2 to 5. The renowned websites that have the highest Page Rank values of 8, 9, or 10 would be site like Google or Microsoft.
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